Who We Are

Ethereal Creators is proudly headed by brother and sister team Abdul Qureshi and Hafsa Qureshi. It makes it easier to have a business partner who shares the same blood! We started by creating innovative designs for our own family events, and evolved once we started getting request from other guests to decorate their events- the rest is history. Here’s a little more about our story and the journey which led us to launching our company.

Abdul Qureshi

With a degree in Financial Economics from the University of Toronto, Abdul originally came from a corporate background, but always had a creative heart and soul. After graduation, he decided to pursue the longtime artistic passion he had developed from childhood. Deeply inspired by designers such as Preston Bailey, Karen Tran and Anna Wang, Abdul was already creating intricate décor for his family and friends. After some encouragement and support from his loved ones, he took the next step forward to design professionally. Enter the Ethereal Creators story. Today, Abdul considers himself fortunate to understand the unique tastes and visions of his clients and to create customized designs for their events, with their individual budgets in mind. With an analytical mind and an eye for detail, he loves brainstorming and overcoming design challenges.

To Abdul, it’s truly the attention to detail which helps to form a beautiful and luxurious events. From backdrops and flowers to chargers and centrepieces, all these elements can create a magical, dramatic and impactful setting. No decorative item is too small or too insignificant, whether that involves votives, candles or a even a single petal. His materials of choice include flowers, greens, candles, crystal and chrome. When he isn’t designing, he enjoys travelling around the world, with business never far from mind as he searches for global inspirations and new influences for moodboards.

Hafsa Qureshi

With a degree in Digital Enterprise Management from the University of Toronto, Hafsa also possesses the business acumen and decorative talent which runs in the family. Along with her brother Abdul, she is the co-founder of Ethereal Creators, and in a similar fashion, she has also had an interest in visual arts from an early age. Growing up, Hafsa loved sketching, painting and experimenting with colours, shapes and various art materials. Her passion also extended to florals, as she has always loved drawing flower arrangements on a blank canvas in her free time. Fast forward to her early years in university, where Hafsa found herself searching for an outlet for her passion, and was inspired to join forces in business with her brother.

Living in the thrill of the moment like a true artistic soul, Hafsa savours the day of execution for weddings. After all, there is no feeling comparable to bringing your own designs to life, along with making someone else’s special day magical and memorable. Keeping true to the Ethereal Creators mantra, Hafsa believes in the power of small details and is fond of florals, candles, crystal chandeliers and gold accents as decorating essentials.

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What We Do

Ethereal Creators believes that every story has a setting, and that every fairytale should have a happy ending- and preferably, a beautifully decorated space! We will transform your vision into reality, and will easily customize our design aesthetic to flatter classic, modern or fusion themes. Asides from weddings which range from lavish functions to intimate gatherings, the EC team can also design and decorate your corporate event, gala or other special occasion. If you would like to a glimpse of the elaborate settings which we have created in the past, check us out on Instagram or visit our Facebook page. Let us design your event and create your story today!

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