The backdrop is the core of every event. It pulls the entire room together and accomplishes your dream wedding, making it a memorable night. The backdrop captures and illustrates a couple’s harmony and love. It complements the groom and bride, making sure not to lose focus on the couple of the night, but rather making them stand out. To complete the look, couples usually choose to add a head table, sweetheart table, or even just a love seat (sofa).

Couples who have large families or groups of loved ones tend to add head tables to their wedding decor. This is where the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or family members can sit. Sweetheart tables are usually used for couples who do not mind sitting on stage and eating dinner. They can also be used to enhance your wedding decor. Some of the options for sweetheart tables include covering it with luxurious linens, patterns, materials, overlays, table skirts, and many other options. Another direction to go in for sweetheart tables is choosing a specific type of table that doesn’t require being covered. Lastly, loveseats are a special accent set for eh couples to showcase their outfits and be accessible to everyone. They are recommended for family pictures as it adds to the moment.

To make your night special for you, we design custom backdrops to capture the essence of your style, while also keeping your budget in mind. From wide structures featuring luxurious drapes of various textures and materials such as satin, velvet, or chiffon to enormous floral walls or arches with lush green tropical arrangements. To further enunciate the event design, breath-taking centerpieces composed of candles with a romantic touch, elegant trees, candle walls, or even as simple as enchanted forest themed floral arrangements are used. Backdrops are the essential part of every couple as reflects by the couples. Every detail in the backdrop and stage is used to express the couple’s love for each other and symbolize their special day. We aim to make a couple’s memory of their wedding to be proud and speechless about their decor.

While designing the most important part of your wedding decor, we go through many inspirations and shortlist a few ideas. We like to propose and discuss at least three backdrop ideas in our first meeting with you and then based on what you like, we expand on one of the ideas. In the second meeting, we create a sketch of the design we discussed to give a better visualization of your dream wedding. In the mood board, we put together a collage with each and every element going into creating the design from colors, structures, accessories, drapes, floral arrangements, and furniture.

In order to make your wedding magical, we use our five major elements to create a luxurious ambiance. Drapes are used on numerous types of structures grabs the essential look, while the florals, chandeliers, and candles enhance the wedding backdrop decor. Every type of drape creates a distinguished look. While the satin cloth harnesses the richness element, the chiffon drapes swag captures your heart with it’s elegant and soft pleats. Flowers are what finalizes the decor. The floral touch in your backdrop enhances the beauty of your wedding decor. The color combination of the flowers often aids in complementing the groom and bride. If not a floral wall, a floral arch tends to catch the eyes of a couple more, seeing that the arch brings more attention and focus on the couple with its unique design. The chandeliers work like the charm of the decor. While the design of the chandelier blesses the drapes, the lighting creates more emphasis on the backdrop. Lastly, candles establish a romantic touch as it generally signifies romance. Although, just in case, we avoid using real candles on stage since it is a fire hazard. Overall, accessorizing and the details are the key to creating the best of the best backdrops.

Depending on your wedding venue, we design weddings on multiple stage sizes. We recommend no less than 24’ backdrop size to make it stand out more. Other stage sizes include 28′, 32′, 38′, 42′. If you desire a massive and grand decor, it is best to choose a venue that does not limit the stage area in order for you to achieve the grand look. While choosing your stage size, take into consideration if you want a custom vinyl design, carpet, or just plain and simple cloth. Take note that the vinyl is a separate expense, as it is an extra detail to your wedding decor.

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