Once the wedding bells start chiming and there’s romance in the air, it’s officially time to create the perfect scenery for the biggest day of a couple’s life. After all, a wedding day signals the couple’s steps together toward a new journey, and the featured decor for this occasion should be a reflection of their personality and tastes.

From the sand and sunshine of a destination getaway beach to a traditional appeal of a church, the type and choice of wedding decor you opt for depends largely on the venue chosen. In fact, tastefully curated and artfully arranged design can transform even the most understated space into a setting worthy of a fairytale.

When it comes to decorations themselves, these can range from garlands of flowers to ornamental candles to charming, playful confetti. The key is to develop a unique and memorable decorative theme which will captivate your guests, and most importantly, create the ideal space for the bride and groom to form lifelong memories. Before you jump into planning out the design of your dreams, take a look at Ethereal Creators’ suggestions and tips for budgeting and planning details.

Since first impressions are often lasting, you’ll want to instantly seize the spotlight with a stunning event entrance. We firmly believe that art is all about opening doors- and on the day of your nuptials, no door is more important than the one which leads to your wedding itself!

Flower Power

Consider adorning the entrance with dangling rows of flower garlands, entwined with lights and silk drapes. For a complementary effect, try arranging an assortment of elegantly strewn flower petals, such as white roses or orchids. You can also incorporate your official wedding colours into this decorating statement.

Party Vibes

Keep the party going into the wee hours of the evening, with a romantic, lively atmosphere and a venue which suits these vibes. An outdoor, nighttime function for a summer wedding can easily turn into a dreamy, otherworldly space with white, sweeping curtains adorned with florals.

Backdrop Decorations

The backdrop of the wedding is also another focal point and should be vibrant and eye-catching to create a space where guests and family can selfie and snap away to their hearts’ delight. In order to make those impromptu wedding photoshoots truly stand out, you definitely do not want your setting to be obscured by a lifeless backdrop. Add icy white curtains and white blossoms for a look which truly stands out. For adding more sophistication to these decorations, you can also include a chandelier and a touch of lavender.

Tie The Knot

Since you and your beloved are set to officially tie the knot at the altar, you may as well incorporate that theme into your decor, in the form of ties of rope or colourful ribbons. For a more personalized effect, you can add a monogram or some complementary florals.


We So Fancy

The glamorous and stylish flower wall has become a hit at all manner of events, from influencer functions to star-studded red carpets. However, try taking this concept of a floral wall to a completely new level for your wedding backdrop, with blooms and petals in flattering, dark shades. Contrary to the typical blush or pastel tones which many associates with weddings, dark pinks, purples and reds can truly make a statement.


From toasts and speeches to a dance floor which brings the party into the early hours of the morning, weddings are always a cause for celebration and revelry. However, let’s not forget that guests are also expecting a grand meal and a beautiful table as they enjoy their feasts and celebrate the happy couple. Whether your particular function involves a buffet or a traditional three-course meal, dinner table design can set the mood for solid appetites. Turn to classic elegance, in the form of crisp table linens, as well as silks and shades of ivory and snow. You can also integrate some creativity into your table design, whether this involves the signature wedding colours, floral centrepieces or softly shimmering candles for an opulent feel.



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