Creating head tables/ table escapes is something that we absolutely love to do. It is the place where the most special guests of the event sit. Whether it be the couple of the night, bridal party or your close family members. To us, head tables need to be a tablespace, something that really speaks for itself. Overall, it is something that adds to the grand backdrops of your luxurious and outstanding wedding. Typically these tables are rectangular, but personally, we love using variation in shape and heights of these grand tables.

Here are the steps to create the most stunning and luxurious tablescapes:

1. Select your furniture

  • Decide whether you prefer to use linens on your table or have upgraded tables that don’t require to be covered. Keep in mind that there is no limit to using linens. There is a wide variety of linens to choose from. It could be different material, texture, patterns, overlays, and many other game-changing options.. Don’t limit yourself on the table tops, you have the options of transparent clear acrylic tables, white tabletops, black table tops or even mirrors. Remember to take your theme and budget into consideration as you choose
  • Dining chairs make the greatest impact because of the quantity they are in around the table. There are many options for decking out your chairs, from covering them with the most beautiful chair covers to using luxury chairs, such as the cartier chairs with a beautiful chrome gold finish or cosmo chairs in silver chrome finish. Think of any colour you desire, we have it for you.

2. Choosing your centerpieces

  • We highly suggest variation in height for centerpieces, due to the fact that using a combination of all low, medium and high creates a very dramatic magical look. It is our strong belief from experience that keeping everything in odd number keeps your eye satisfied and gives a finished look, this is also proven to be a rule of design
  • High centerpieces are the focal point when you enter the venue. To be more specific on the centerpieces, using a combination of risers, floral stands or beautifully finished vases with grand floral arrangements is our first go to suggestion to put on headtables
  • To accent with, we suggest a medium height centerpiece consisting of candelabras or maybe floral arrangements in low to medium height vases or stands
  • For low centerpieces, lots of candles, bud vases, and/or votives can be used to connect all the centerpieces together, while also finishing the look
  • Details are the key to every event decor, especially to tablescapes. Innovative ideas on flower arrangements and the types of candles (taper, pillar, floating) can make the biggest impact and amaze your guests. One of our signature looks is hanging candles or flowers from arrangements as it adds an extra elegant touch to the arrangements

3. Organize the place setting to complement your centerpieces and linens

  • Based on the metallics and floral/candle colors you have selected for your furniture and centerpieces, place settings is where you can really add that professional designer look that we are all trying to achieve
  • Upgrading your charger plates is where you need to start. From the most basic gold/silver/black acrylic charger plates to the most lavish glass charger plates. Personally, starburst, gold rims, or ornate charger plates make the greatest impact. They add a punch of color and accent to your place settings
  • There are a lot of ways to upgrade your glassware. From adding regal gold rims or copper stems to colored glassware, is a turning point for your table setting
    Flatware is another way to add more metallic highlights to your table. Instead of having plain old silver flatware you can upgrade to modern or traditional gold, copper, or simple silver flatware
  • To add the finishing touches, napkins of different textures, materials and patterns add a glimmer of color and theme. There are also various folding designs of napkins. You can choose to fold them into specific shapes or hang off the table. You can also add accessories to your napkins, such as napkin rings. They are the perfect fit if you desire a more traditional and royal look to your tablescapes.

4. Last but not least, choosing your stationary

  • Menu cards are a great way to bring the theme back to your table. You can choose a colour that is a part if the theme or repeat a specific design
  • Name tags help in organizing your wedding and guiding your guests, while at the same time adding delightful details to your headtables
  • Attaching table numbers to tablescapes is another way to reinforce theme colours and designs

5. Party favours?

  • This is something absolutely personal to the couple for its guests and additional to your stationery collection. This also adds another dimension/texture to tablescapes, pulling everything together.

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