Among the intricate floral displays, twinkling lights and sparkling metallic accents, it is sometimes easy to overlook an essential element of wedding decor. For anyone counting down the days to their upcoming nuptials, it is also key to take candles into account. As much as you may be hoping for “lights, cameras and action” for your wedding festivities, the motto of “lights, candles and action” is also just as important. A flawlessly styled array of candles can instantly impart romance and a fairy-tale effect, perfect for completing the setting and the story for your wedding day.

As we prepare for wedding season 2019, Ethereal Creators has rounded up some of the year’s most eye-catching candle design trends to keep in mind.

Pillar Candles

For those who prefer classic accents for their centrepieces, there’s nothing quite like pillar candles in elegant pastel shades. Pillar candles are characterized by their cylindrical shape, and typically resemble a column. From ballet slipper pinks to rosy blush tones, these timeless candles can easily emit the perfect glow to truly set the stage for your decorating scheme. Try playing up the romantic element of pillar candles by playing up 2019’s reigning trend of iridescent candles.

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Taper Candles

With their long, lean silhouettes, taper candles offer a contemporary feel and look far less imposing than their thicker counterparts, pillar candles. If you want to embrace modernity as part of the design theme for your nuptials, turn to taper candles in cool shades of slate and ice blue. Complete your accessorizing with a slender, metallic candelabra which flatters the pale blue shades, and is suitable for a romantic yet trendy function.

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Floating Candles

For prospective brides and grooms who want to incorporate individuality into their wedding design, floating candles just might be the ideal finishing touch. Unlike more traditional pillar and taper candles which are structured and solid, floating candles can be personalized to suit the tastes of the client. Sometimes referred to as votives, these tiny candles can be arranged in glass or crystal candle holders or within cylinder-shaped vases. Whether floating in water or placed inside an ornamental bowl, floating candles in neutral or delicate pastel shades can evoke a sense of harmony.

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