For anyone currently planning their dream luxury wedding for the year ahead, it’s clear that 2020 will be filled with many major decisions. However, an upscale decor theme is one key factor to keep in mind, along with the choice of venue, catering and guest list. If you are striving for luxury for your special day (as you should), look no further than Ethereal Creators’ best tips for perfecting your design. 


Backdrop: Like the setting of a high fashion photoshoot, the backdrop at any wedding reception sets the stage and evokes the correct mood for a day of revelry and luxury. From colours and props to the choice of furniture, the ideal background can truly transform an otherwise dull banquet hall into the custom space for your nuptials. Ethereal Creators believes in creativity and bringing the personal tastes of the bride and groom into forming a memorable backdrop. Whether you prefer luscious bold roses, delicate hanging curtains or furnishings in romantic or soft ivory, there’s a backdrop to suit every taste. 


Family and Head Tables: The big day may be in celebration of the bride and groom, but the family and the wedding party are also part of this happy ending! Keep the parents, siblings and close friends on both sides feeling like they are part of your fairytale with the perfect head tables. Tablespaces play an integral role, with candle centrepieces, shimmering charger plates, metallic or gold-coloured cutlery and greenery all currently en vogue. Meanwhile, chairs adorned with ribbons or blossoms add glamour to regular seating. Table linens tend to make an appearance in off-white or eggshell, but adventurous newlyweds can also play around wit

h enriched shades of violet, red or classic pastels. 


Centrepieces: As artisan, rustic and minimalist touches continue to reign supreme, glass bottles filled with florals are enjoying a moment. Meanwhile, traditional pillar candles, along with mixed heights when it comes to the size of vases and candleholders, also complete the look. 


Let them eat cake: We all know that you’re planning to serve an elaborate feast, but they say that there’s always room for dessert- especially at a wedding! Cake tables deserve the spotlight- partially to show off that tiered beauty and partially to show off the happy couple slicing into their grand gâteau. From glass tabletops to white roses and floating candles, there are many ways to accessorize a cake table. 


Party time: After all, with every fairytale, comes the ultimate ball! Keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning with a photo booth to captivate your guests, pin lights to offer a subtle glow and unique performances. From ballerinas to mimes, the weddings of today offer far more than just a traditional dinner and dance. Nobody wants a bored audience at the party of the year, so you may want to consider hiring entertainers for when that dance floor gets a little slow. 

Speaking of the dance floor…: From vinyl to ceiling treatments, the sky (or rather, the decorative ceiling) is the limit when it comes to dressing up your wedding dance floor. Twinkling lights and custom florals hanging above ensure that your guests will party the night away, and the bride will end up barefoot at some point in the evening!

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