Mandap/Ceremony Decor

The wedding ceremony of any culture or religion is the most special and significant moment of any wedding celebration. Couples have a huge option of venue selection to host their wedding ceremonies. Instead of only having the option to choose a banquet hall, couples can select from religious centers (churches, synagogue, gurdwaras, chapel, mosques to many more), gorgeous outdoor venues looking out to scenic views, breathtaking downtown skyline, to barns and many other unique venues. Couples typically like to keep this moment intimate and only invite close family and friends compared to their receptions.

Since this moment is any couple’s most special moment of their lives, we love creating a backdrop or highlighting the place where they will be taking their vows and making their promises, in the most unforgettable manner. Ceremony backdrop décor frames and highlights the couple in the most beautiful way. It creates a lovely focal point at the venue and leaves a mark in everyone’s heart.

Depending on the religious ceremony and venue we like to give our couples many options to choose from. From the options of all types and shapes of arches (rectangular, circular, hexagon, oval) to canopies, huppah, in many different styles such as traditional (floral heavy), modern, geometric, boho, rustic and many other themes. It really depends on the client’s personality or taste and the venue that the ceremony is taking place.


When it comes to Hindu wedding ceremonies, typically a mandap is required for them to take their Seven Circumambulations ( Saat Phere/vows).  We found the meaning behind the Hindu ceremony so beautiful as each Phera is a promise to each other to nourish, strengthen, prosper, family, offspring, health and friendship and mutual trust.

Even though mandap means a covered structure with pillars, in today’s day and age many couples like to give it a twist in many other forms and shapes. We love to do unique mandap settings. From offering our clients the most traditional structure heavy mandaps to elegant, soft-edged, modern mandaps.

There are many ways of decorating and styling a mandap or a huppah. The most traditional is style is a closed mandap with four pillars and a closed ceiling. There are many options to choose from our huge collection of pillars. You can either chose Indian traditional ornate detailed pillars or our new modern pillars with gold metallic Harlow frame or 10 feet pillars in either clear acrylic, solid white, chrome gold or silver finish. You also have the option of wrapping these pillars with the most beautiful vinyl prints to customize them to any theme that you would like. One of our personal favourite way to style mandap is with heavy floral. There are many ways of incorporating floral into your mandap designs to give it some more life. From asymmetrical floral designs to symmetrical floral concepts and from preferences between naturally growing floral looks to a very structured floral heavy style. Either of these options leaves a long-lasting décor impact on yourself and your guests.

Mandap ceiling treatments are also a great way to mesmerize your guests from the wedding décor. There are several ways you could decorate the ceiling of your mandap. One of the most elegant ways is to create a floral ceiling treatment with gorgeous hues of flowers hanging over the couple. This creates a beautiful setting of your mandap and is custom built to any choice of flower and colour. Another way to create ceiling treatment for your mandap is to hang drapes to cover the top of the mandap only. The drapes have a nice and luxurious fall to them that creates overall magic for a mandap. Besides flowers and drapes, we can also hang different types of props from the mandap ceiling. For example, we could hang a group of lanterns, tea light globes, or even as small as something like pearls.

The mandap furniture also has many options to play with. Some couples prefer using the traditional setting where the couple and the parents from both sides sit on the furniture. The traditional furniture consists of the six low stools or chairs that are placed in the middle of the mandap. However, now we are seeing different trends where couples want to move from the traditional sets and go for modern or different options. Depending on the design of the mandap, we suggest different types of furniture to our clients and always aim to bring some kind of uniqueness.  

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